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John Gillis over de Faddan More Psalter

Datum bericht: 1 april 2024
Utrecht Trans 10, A. W. de Grootkamer
  • georganiseerd door: Opleiding Keltische talen en cultuur, Universiteit Utrecht / Stichting A. G. van Hamel voor Keltische Studies

John Gillis on the Faddan More Psalter

John Gillis, Chief Manuscript Conservator in the Library Preservation and Conservation Department in Trinity College Dublin, has very kindly agreed to give an informal talk at Utrecht University during his visit to the Netherlands.

As conservator, he has been responsible for the incredibly complex restoration project of the Faddan More Psalter, an early medieval psalter dating to c. 800 discovered in the Faddan More boglands in Ireland in 2006. Uniquely, the manuscript was found in its original leather cover, and contained traces of papyrus. Its preservation, however, has presented many challenges and required an unparalleled innovative approach.  

The talk will take place on Thursday April 11th, at 4.30pm in the A. W. de Grootkamer at Trans 10. Registration is appreciated, for which please send an email to